Salad Omelette

By Maria Luisa Juanson
serving portion: 3 | serving size: 3 | prep time: 10mins | cooking time: 5mins

You’ll need

Mixing bowl
wire whisk


All purpose Cream 3/4cup
Cheese 1/8cup
Oil 1/2tablespoon
Egg, beaten 3pieces
Basil 15leaves
Lettuce, torn 1/8cup
Carrots, sliced 1/8cup
Cucumber, sliced 1/8cup
Bell Pepper, Sliced 1/8cup
Onion, sliced 1/8cup
Tomato, wedged 1/8cup

How to cook it

1. In a frying pan, mix all purpose cream and cheese.
melt the cheese over medium heat, set aside

2.In a separate pan, place the egg into hot oil and cook for 1-2minutes.
3. Remove from flame and transfer to a serving plate.
4. Top the egg with the cream and cheese mixture
5. Garnish it with lettuce, carrots, cucumber, bell pepper, onions, and tomato.




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