Pinoy Scotch Eggs

By Brenda N. Rico
serving portion: 1 | serving size: 2 pcs | prep time: 15mins | cooking time: 15mins


Longganisa, Skin remove
flaked, shredded 2 pieces
Rice cook – 1/4cup
Salt – 1/2teaspoon
Pepper- 1/4 teaspoon
Egg- hard cooked -1piece
Flour – 2tablespoon
Egg-beaten -1piece
Breadcrumbs -1/4cup
Oil for frying -1cup
sotanghon -1cup

How to cook it

1. Saute the longganisa till golden brown. Add rice then mix very well.
Season with salt and pepper.
2. Peel the egg and slice it in half, length wise.
3. Make a half egg shape from the rice and longganisa mix then merge it
to the cut egg to make a whole egg shape form
4. Dredge formed egg in flour, dip in egg then roll in breadcrumbs.
5. Heat oil for Frying.
6. Fry until the breaded longsilog is golden brown.
7. Fry sotanghon in the same oil until crispy.
8. Arrange sotanghon on a plate and top with fried pinoy scotch eggs.




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