Itlog sa kamote with curry sauce

By Brenda N. Rico
serving portion: 1 | serving size: 3 pcs | prep time: 15mins | cooking time: 15mins

You’ll need

Knife, Mixing Bowl
Chopping board, Wooden spoon
Saucepan, Ramekin
Frying pan

Sauce Preparation

Coconut milk (kakang gata) – 1/4 cup
Curry powder – 1/8 teaspoon
Black pepper – 1/8 teaspoon
Salt – 1/4teaspoon

1. Pour coconut milk in a saucepan and heat over a low fire.
2. Season with curry powder, black pepper and salt then stir until the sauce thickens.
3. Set a side.

Garnish Preparation

Kangkong leaves 3 pieces
Red bell pepper, blanch 3 slices

1. wash and dry thoroughly kangkong leaves
2. fry in hot oil until it floats
3. Drain on absorbent paper

Baked camote

butter – 1teaspoon
Onion minced -1teaspoon
camote orange -1pieces, medium(150 grams)
Cheese -1teaspoon
Salt- 1teaspoon
Pepper -1/2teaspoon
Raisins – 5pieces
Mixed vegetables(carrots, bell pepper, zucchini), 2tablespoon
small diced
Egg -1piece, medium

1. Heat butter in pan and saute onion till translucent. Set a side.
2. In a saucepan, boil camote until fork tender.
3. Carefully slice off 1/4inch off the top of the camote, Horizontally. using a spoon, scoop out the meat leaving a 1/4inch border on all sides.
4. In a mixing bowl put the camote flesh and mash with a fork. Add the cheese. Season with salt and pepper.
5. Pour in raisins and mixed vegetables. Gently mix until well incorporated.
6. Stuff the prepared mixture in the camote. Top with the egg.
7. Baked over 350 deg Fahrenheit for 18minutes or until the egg is set


1. Pour Curry Sauce onto a serving plate.
2. Top with the baked camote with egg
3. Garnish with Crispy Kangkong and bell pepper




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