Egg-uinaldo (the pinoy benedict)

by Alyssa Mae Pallorina
serving portion: 2 | serving size:1 egg | prep time: 30mins | cooking time: 20mins

You’ll need

saucepan, soup ladle
saute pan, blender
wooden spoon, absorbent paper
mixing bowl, serving plate
frying pan

Kare-kare sauce

Roasted rice,ground -1 tablespoon
peanut butter – 3 tablespoon
atsuete oil – 1 tablespoon
water – 1cup
sugar-1 1/2 tablespoon
Bagoong – 1tablespoon

1. Mix roasted rice, peanut butter,
atsuete oil and water in a saucepan.
2. Bring to a boil then reduce heat to a simmering point.
3.stir constantly until it starts to thicken.
4. add sugar. season with salt and bagoong

Crispy banana heart

oil for frying 1/2cup
flour, for breading 1/2cup(divided into two)
Cornstarch for breading 1/4cup
water 1/3cup
banana heart strip 1/2cup

1. In a saute pan, preheat the oil for frying
2. In a mixing bowl, combine half of the flour,,
cornstarch and water. mix until well incorporated.
3. Dredge banana heart in remaining half of the flour
then coat it with batter from into fritters.
4. fry fritters until brown and crispy.
5. drain on absorbent paper

Poached egg

water – 1liter, vinegar- 1tablespoon
salt-1/4 teaspoon, egg-1 piece

1.boil water, vinegar and salt in a pot
2. turn down the heat to lower the temperature just
below simmering
3. crack the egg into a soup ladle.
4.make a small vortex in the center then slowly lower
the ladle, with the egg in it, to the center of the vortex.
5.Gently cook the egg until opaque.
6. when done, transfer to an ice bath to stop the cooking
7. set aside


Additional 2 pechay leaves for garnish
1. Spoon onto a plate 4 Tablespoon kare-kare sauce.
2. Lay on top 2 crispy banana hearts.
3. Arrange pechay on hearts.
4. Lay on top of the hearts a poached egg each.
5. Spoon more kare-kare sauce over poached eggs.
6. Top with 1 Tablespoon bagoong.




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