Aga Juan

By Marinella Barodia
serving portion: 2 | serving size:1 ramekin | prep time: 5mins | cooking time: 10mins

You’ll need

Ramekin, Rolling pin
Bread knife, saucer


Chives, trimmed – 8 pieces
Pandesal – 1 piece, medium
Kesong puti – 2Tablespoon
Eggs, Medium – 2pieces
Salt -1/4 teaspoon
White pepper- 2 teaspoon
Longganisa – crumble 1 piece

How To Cook it

1. Preheat oven to 180 Celsius or 350F
2. Lay down 2-4 pieces of chives on the bottom of a ramekin
3. Cut the pandesal into half and flatten it with a rolling pin.
Lay it down on top of the arranged chives.
4. Top with the kesong puti.
5. Crack 1egg into the ramekin and season with salt and pepper
6. Bake for 6-10minutes, until the egg is set
7. Remove from the ramekin and carefully plate.
8. Sprinkle with longganisa bits.
9. Serve.




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