No First Aid Kit? Eggs!

If you’re cooking a lot, you’re bound to have some accidents in the kitchen. It’s a part of life and a learning process, but that doesn’t mean it won’t hurt! But what do you do if you get hurt in the kitchen but don’t have a first aid kit? There’s always eggs!

If you accidentally cut your hand while practicing your knife skills in the kitchen, don’t panic! If it isn’t too bad, eggs can come to your rescue. Hard boil an egg, and you can use the thin membrane found between the egg white and the eggshell as a make-shift bandaid. It works like a thin second skin, and all you have to do is press it to the wound and apply pressure to stop any bleeding. The membrane also has scar-fighting nutrients so no evidence will be left on your skin! Always make sure you wash and disinfect any wounds!

What if you get banged up looking for pots and pans in the cupboard or from running around the kitchen preparing all your ingredients? Eggs can fix bruises too! Hard boil another egg and, while it’s still warm, peel the shell off. You can then rub the hardboiled egg over the bruised area. The heat coming off the freshly boiled egg will dissipate the blood that’s starting to collect under your skin, preventing a bruise from fully forming! No more dealing with a nasty bruise and reminders of clumsy accidents! Talk about a handy dandy multi-tool!

And then one you’re all patched up from you cooking mishaps in the kitchen, the eggs can still be eaten as a nutritious, delicious, and satisfying treat to make up for all the kitchen accidents! Since you’re in the kitchen, why not put those extra eggs to good use, right?




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