Eggs, Choline, and Pregnancy

First things first: what is choline? It is a nutrient that is made in the liver, so it occurs naturally in the human body. But most people don’t produce enough choline to meet daily requirements, so it needs to be supplemented through our food. Choline is essential for human health and, because it is close in function to B vitamins, it usually gets grouped together with them. Research has shown that choline plays an important role in brain and spinal cord development during pregnancy, cognitive development in infants and prevents cognitive decline in the elderly. But until just recently, choline as part of a good, balanced diet has been overlooked.

Because of its role in developing a healthy brain and nervous system function, choline is essential during pregnancy and breastfeeding. It also plays a role in reducing the risk of brain defects and supports fetal cognitive and spinal cord development. Choline is essential for many reasons, including helping to create fats that support the structure of cell membranes and contribute to strong cell membranes. It also creates a substance that is essential for removing cholesterol from the liver and sends it to the bloodstream to be used as energy. Along with all that, it contributes to methylation, which is a metabolic process that helps your body repair and produce DNA.

With all of these benefits of Choline, it shows that eggs, which are a great and easy to find source of Choline, have more than earned their place in a balanced diet for healthy living. A single egg can have as much as 164mg of Choline on average! But it is important to eat the yolk if you need to maintain a certain amount of Choline intake, because the egg whites are great, but they do not contain Choline!




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