Eggs: An All-Around Household Cleaner

What can you do with eggs?

You can eat them, of course, and in so many different ways too. But what else are these nutritious, delicious things good for? Eggs are good for cleaning around the house too!

Do you have a leather bag, wallet, belt, etc. that needs cleaning? Leave that cracked and dry old leather to the powers of eggs! Eggs can be used to clean leather as a cheaper alternative to commercial chemical cleaners. Crack and separate the egg white from the yolk, then use the egg whites as a scrub on the leather product. Really scrub in the egg white into the leather, then wipe clean with a damp cloth. Your leather products will be clean and dust free like new!

After a long several hours cooking dinner, are you left with pans that are hard to scrub and clean? Eggs can help with that too! You can make an abrasive solution with crushed up eggshells mixed with soapy water. The rough eggshells will dislodge grime and stuck food easily, leaving you with spotless pots and pans!

Have you ever found it hard to clean a thermos? Because of their narrow cylindrical bodies, it’s hard to get a sponge inside and harder to clean without a bottle cleaner or some sort. To be sure you’re getting all the spots inside your thermos and ensure they are clean, you can use eggs! Same as with the pans, just add crushed eggshells to some soapy water and pour the whole solution inside the thermos. Cover the opening of the thermos and give it several good hard shakes, and the eggs and soapy water will have scrubbed the inside of the thermos for you!

Not only are eggs great for eating, but they’re also great for helping you clean up!




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